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The skilled physicians at Raleigh Laser Eye Surgery are dedicated to providing the best possible laser vision correction surgery and other ophthalmology services.

Understanding Corrective Eye Surgery

Read our FAQ page for answers to common questions we get asked. Still have more questions or concerns? Call us! We're here to help.

Come In for a Free LASIK Evaluation

Contact our qualified refractive coordinator today to schedule your free LASIK evaluation. Inquire how you can also get a free pair of sunglasses during your consultation visit.

Best LASIK Eye Surgery in Raleigh

At Raleigh Laser Eye Surgery, we are dedicated to building healthy relationships with our patients. This is one of the key reasons why all of our staff members work diligently to keep you informed. We maintain detailed reports about everything from basic eye exams to LASIKĀ® eye surgery in Raleigh.

Preparing for Laser Vision Correction

  • Read about the procedure that was recommended to you.
  • The doctor will tell you not to wear contact lenses for several weeks before the surgery. Tell us which lenses you use so we can determine exactly when you should stop using your specific type.
  • Practice good eye hygiene leading up to your LASIK procedure.
  • Discontinue wearing makeup, lotions, creams, perfumes, or hair-care products.
  • Arrange for transportation.
  • Take time off work if you are employed.

Referrals for Raleigh LASIK Procedures

At Raleigh Laser Eye Surgery, LASIK procedures do not require a medical referral. However, referrals from other physicians are welcome. Our findings will be sent to them after we have completed examinations, surgeries, and treatments.

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